First-Hand Real-life Experience of Those Who Have Taken Sky-pointing Fruit (Swietenia Mahogany King Seeds and Extracts)

NOTE: The following testimonials were communicated first hand and are reproduced here as they were told. The names are withheld for privacy reason.

  • A manual worker who has been suffering from chronic stiff shoulder and neck, was given four Sky-pointing Fruit seeds by a friend. He chewed them that very evening and on the following day, he found miraculous unprecedented relief from the stiffness and he was also very much awake in the day. Sky-pointing Fruits are very effective for enhancing blood circulation. ... Introduced by my barber, 2010

  • A Director when taking a taxi one day, chatted with the Taxi Driver. She shared that she had been having neck pain and the neck was usually stiff.Incidentally, the taxi driver gave him a few Sky-pointing Fruit seeds and said, "Go back and chew these". She chewed the seeds when she was home and that very night, she did not feel the pain anymore. The next day, she asked one of her associates to search for Sky-pointing Fruit Capsules online because the seeds are extremely bitter. They found me and bought the Sky-pointing Fruit Extract in Vegetable capsules. ... A Real Estate Director, Singapore, 2010

  • "My parents have been taking the Sky-pointing Fruit for months and my mother has been cleared of her high blood pressure after taking the Sky-pointing Fruit seeds."... From a friend on Facebook

  • A man in his 50's who was diabetic, took the Sky-pointing Fruit, and within two weeks, his blood sugar level dropped to normal. He was so excited and he started sharing his joy with many of his colleagues, and since then, they have bought close to 100 bottles. ...Senior employee, Public Listed Company Singapore, 2010

  • A 61-year-old woman who has been on regular cholesterol check-up had her cholesterol level lowered drastically ever since she started chewing a few Sky-pointing Fruit Seeds everyday. The doctor curiously asked her what actually happened; she said she had been taking the Sky-pointing Fruit seeds.  The doctor asked her to carry on chewing the seeds....Businesswoman, Singapore

  • A sales manager lost 1-2kg of his weight one month after taking the Sky-pointing Fruit. He shared the good news with his counterpart in other company, but his friend could not take the Sky-pointing Fruit seeds because they are extremely bitter; so, he resorted to taking the extract in vegetable capsules. ...Sales Manager, Singapore

  • An elderly man has been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure and on doctor's medication for the last 30 years, and in recent years, even with a walking stick, he has not been able to walk. I recommended a course of Pancreas-Health and Natural-Health (Sky-pointing Fruit extract in capsules) in August 2010. In December 2010, the daughter with great delight and relief told me, "I am very convinced your products work. My Dad is now walking out of the house already. We are so happy to see him recovering. Please rush me another four-month supply today." ...Singapore, December 2010

  • A customer told me, after taking the Natural-Health product (Swietenia Mahogany Seeds), she slept very well that very night. She is a typical light sleeper. ... Teacher, Malaysia, 2010

  • A middle-aged woman was advised by a doctor to go for kidney dialysis. She was encouraged by a friend instead, to try out the Sky-pointing Fruit (Swietenia Mahogany). Four months later, the woman consulted the doctor again. The doctor told her that she did not need dialysis anymore. ... An Auntie, Chai Chee, Singapore

  • An elderly man who has been on medications for his diabetes and high blood pressure for the last 30 years came to the 2011 Singapore Food Expo. We did a blood sugar check for him. The reading was abnormally high at 22.6, normal is around 6. There and then, we gave him five Sky-pointing Fruit (Swietenia Mahogany King) seeds and he chewed them immediately without any expression of bitterness. By the way, Sky Fruit seeds are extremely bitter. After some 15 minutes, we did another blood sugar check for him, this time round, the reading dropped 3 points. ...Customer, Singapore Food Expo 2011, 27~31 May 2011

  • A senior Insurance Manager told me that her mother, despite taking the medicines prescribed by the doctors for her high blood pressure, the pressure never came down. But, after taking the Sky-pointing Fruit, her pressure is now normal. The Manager has been on a voluntary basis, recommending Sky-pointing fruit to many of her friends and clients. ...Senior Manager, Great Eastern Life

  • A customer said she bought the Sky-pointing fruit because one of her friends with skin allergy, after taking Sky-pointing fruit is now cleared of the allergy problems. This customer decided to try the Sky-pointing fruit capsules herself. After one month of taking the Sky-pointing fruit capsules, the allergy problems on her fingers on both hands are now cleared. She was so happy that she showed me her hands. She has re-ordered the products and is now sharing her testimony with her friends.... Homemaker, Singapore, July 2011

  • A customer who always experiences numbness on her hands and pain in her legs was so convinced that Sky-pointing Fruit capsules and the Kidney-Health tea have relieved her from her chronic problems. She finds that her blood circulation has improved and feels more energetic now despite her hectic and stressful work schedules. She is also relieved that she does not have to depend on the painkillers and steroids anymore. ...Malaysia, May 2011

  • A manager who bought the Sky-pointing Fruit Seeds came back to exchange the seeds for the Extract Capsules because he could not stand the bitter after-taste that lingers on for a few hours after chewing the seeds. NOTE: Most customers prefer capsules (7:1 concentration) to seeds. He shared that his friend after taking the capsules, could feel the distinct difference in the body, the blood circulation improves and he feels more energetic. ... A Manager, Singapore, 28 July 2011

  • A businessman who runs regional business was having diabetes and high cholesterol. Upon recommendation, he has been faithfully taking the Sky-pointing Fruit Extract capsules and Pancreas-Health over the last six months. Today, he broke the good news to me after he got his medical report. His sugar level is now normal and his cholesterol level has dropped by about 40 points. He is so happy. Now, he even buys the products and gives away to his staff and friends as a charitable act... A Businessman, Singapore, 30 September 2011

  • A local businessman in his fifties was on medications for diabetes for years. He started taking Natural-Health (Sky-pointing Fruit) Extracts and Pancreas-Health since June 2011. Today, i.e. four months later, he told me he was no longer on medications, and his sugar level had remained constant at a good level... A Businessman, Singapore, 11 October 2011

  • A successful businessman who originated from a poor country and started his career and business here in a very humble manner, has found the Mahogany extract beneficial in bringing down his sugar level. Subsequently, he has been buying the Mahogany Capsules and Pancreas-Health regularly to give away to the needy in his home country, especially those who suffer from the common illnesses such as diabetes and high blood pressure.I am impressed with his graciousness and kindness towards others... A Businessman, Singapore, 11 March 2012

  • A project manager had his blood pressure reduced from 140+ to 130 after taking the Natural-Health Extracts for three months. He is very pleased with the result. ... Reported on 23 April 2012

  • LATEST: An engineer had his blood pressure reduced from 150/110 to 130/90 within less than six months of taking the Natural-Health (Sky-pointing Fruit) Extracts. He finds the Natural-Health product very effective. ... Reported on 22 July 2012

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