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(using Natural Herbal Ingredients formulated in Japan)



Are you bothered by the irritating dandruff that doesn't seem to go away?

Some people might not mind the white or grey hair on their heads, but if there is a way by which you can put the blackness back into your hair in a natural way without using colour dyes, would you mind trying it so that you could restore your youthful look?

Are you concerned about your hair loss and new hair is no longer growing and you are heading toward baldness? Worry no more. There is a good news for you.

All these three common hair problems can be addressed with just one solution -

The Natural-in-Black Hair Cream!!!

Why does black hair turn grey? The reason is that the melatonin production function in the follicles has declined or it has totally stopped. This results in a reduction in the number of melatonin cells or their uneven distribution. In the long run, this causes the black hair to turn grey.

The Natural-in-Black Hair Cream contains various types of natural plant matter and herbs which have been processed using traditional methods. It contains various active functions and is safe as there are no chemicals such as phenol and phenylenediamine or other harmful carcinogens.

The ingredients in this product are capable of supplementing, repairing and producing melatonin, and for this reason, initial blackening of the hair can be seen. Continuous use of three to four bottles produces excellent results beyond your expectation.

This product turns hair black from the hair roots and is not dyeing. Apart from turning hair black, it also stops scalp itch, dandruff and hair loss. Regular use promotes healthy hair and increases hair density, combining five major functions in a single bottle. It is a great breakthrough in the hair treatment industry and is the only unique multifunctional hair blackening product.



Regular use of the Natural-in-Black Hair Cream helps promote the natural blackening of grey hair, prevent hair loss, increase density of hair, remove dandruff and reduce scalp itch. Please note the results might vary according to individual hair conditions.


  • Quercus Infectoria Olivier,

  • Ligustrum Lucidum, 

  • Sesame Oil, 

  • Clove, 

  • Glyceryl Stearate, 

  • Hexagon water, 

  • Natural Sulfur, and 

  • Coconut Oil.


Everyday, after washing your hair, wipe it dry and then apply suitable amount of the Natural-in-Black Hair Cream on the scalp and massage while applying pressure for three to five minutes for best absorption and effects. Use once or twice daily, for a continuous period of at least three to four months to see good  results. However, the result may vary from individual to individual.

Natural-in-Black Hair Cream Singapore International
One bottle (150gm): 



One bottle (150gm): 



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