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Pure Agaricus Blazei Murill (Agaricus Brazil Mushroom) 

Naturo ImmunOHealth® Pure Agaricus Blazei Murill (Agaricus Brazil Mushroom) is rich in polysaccharides called Beta-Glucans. It is widely known that the Beta-Glucans in ABM are able to enhance and balance the immune system in the body thereby enhancing good health naturally. It is also helpful in minimising the  side effects of chemotherapy, maintaining normal sugar level in the circulatory system and improving skin conditions.

The Agaricus Brazil Mushroom is naturally grown under non-polluted natural fresh air environment without pesticides and chemicals. Whole Agaricus Brazil Mushroom are imported, specially selected and processed in Singapore under GMP Manufacturer to ensure high quality and its efficacy. The product is preservative-free and has no harmful chemical side effects. It contains no added sugar, salt, starch, colouring, flavouring or fragrance. Yet, it tastes naturally delicious.

Each Bottle Contains: 100 Capsules (Vegetable Capsules); Each Capsule Contains: 550mg 100% Pure Agaricus Blazei Murill and ABM Extracts

2 capsules once a day for normal health maintenance; 2 capsules twice a day for those with high sugar level and skin problems; 4 capsules three times a day for more aggressive treatment. Best taken with a glass of warm water before meals.

Health Tips:
Do not eat oily, deep-fried food, snacks like potato chips, crackers, nuts, carbonated drinks, food with growth hormone like chicken and farmed fish. Avoid consuming hot food and beverages from white polystyrene foam containers and plastic bags.

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One bottle (100 capsules): 



One bottle (100 capsules): 



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